Auto accidents can have a devastating result on someone’s life resulting in long term physical injuries and expensive damages. If the proper measures aren’t taken after a crash, the chances of having the resources to recover from those injuries might be lost. Here are the do’s and don’t actions to take after an auto accident.

The “Do’s” After a Car Accident

Seek Medical Assistance – The first priority is to seek medical attention regardless of how minor or severe the injuries might seem. Injuries from an accident can take days or even weeks to emerge, which will not only impact someone’s ability to heal but could also hurt a legal case.

Contact Law Enforcement – Depending on the result of the accident, law enforcement should be contacted so they can conduct a report about what took place. This report can be valuable in a car accident claim and can validate a driver’s account of what occurred.

Collect Evidence – If possible, take photos and video of the car accident scene as well as the damage to the vehicles involved. Don’t forget to do a 360-degree photo which may provide additional details about surveillance cameras, witnesses, or other crucial information for a legal claim.

Consult an Attorney – Regardless as to whether or not someone feels they have a case, they should always consult with an attorney to understand their rights. A car accident lawyer will know the laws and can guide a victim through the legal process successfully.

The “Don’ts” After a Car Accident

Don’t Move the Vehicles – It’s essential that law enforcement has a clear picture of where each vehicle ended up to get an accurate assessment of what happened. The only exception to this is if it is just too dangerous to keep the car where it is.

Don’t Leave the Scene – No matter who is at fault or what the circumstances are, no one who was involved or who saw the accident should leave the scene until law enforcement releases them. Again, an exception to this would be if there are life-threatening injuries.

Don’t Discard Potential Evidence – It can be tempting to throw away clothes that have blood stains, damaged items in the car, or a bumper that was damaged. Hold on to everything until there is legal guidance about what does or doesn’t constitute evidence by a lawyer.

Don’t Attribute Fault – There will be plenty of time to figure out who is at fault from an accident. Allow the investigators to come to a conclusion and interview everyone involved first. Then take that information to an attorney before pointing the finger at any one party.

Don’t Speak to Insurance Adjusters Yet – Adjusters will attempt to get a statement about the crash so they can find a way to discredit the victim’s story about the accident. Always speak to an auto accident attorney before making any statements or settling on a claim. This can negatively impact how much a victim can collect from an accident claim.

Hopefully, these do’s and don’t offer a more clear picture about how to handle the aftermath of an accident. Always consult with a car accident attorney to learn more about the specifics of a car accident claim and laws involved.


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