Workplace injuries are a common thing, and many people find they can make a full recovery. In order to do that, an injured person will need to file a claim with their employer. A victim needs to take the appropriate legal steps, so they have the resources necessary to make a recovery. No matter how insignificant or significant the injuries are, the steps below should always be followed for the protection of the injured person.

Step One – Seek Medical Attention

It’s crucial that anyone who experiences a workplace injury seek medical attention, as this is important for both recovery and a worker’s compensation claim. A physician will offer a professional opinion and give the victim follow up care instructions. These directives will be needed in the event a claim needs to be filed.

Step Two – Report the Injury or Accident

It’s crucial that the injury sustained be reported to the proper chain of command at work. For some, that will be a manager and others may have to report the incident to their human resources department. This should be done as soon after the event as possible and done in both verbal and written forms. An email report is also a smart action since it will be time-stamped and support your account of when the injury happened.

Step Three – Seek Legal Guidance

While legal guidance isn’t always necessary, it’s worth the time and energy to find a good worker’s compensation attorney to learn more about the laws and rights of those hurt on the job. This step can ensure a victim is adequately cared for and compensated for their injuries.

Step Four – File a Worker’s Compensation Claim

The manager or HR professional at work should be able to direct a victim how to file a claim and walk the injured individual through the works compensation process. A claim can also be addressed with the help of an attorney, especially if any part of the accident is being disputed or fought. There is a step by step process involved in this claim which will be laid out by either one of these parties.

Step Five – Work Through the Process

After a claim has been filed, there will be an offer to consider or a claim that was denied. The victim can work with the works compensation representative to either accept or appeal the decision. If a victim is dissatisfied with the outcome, they can choose to hire a lawyer and work towards a better result.


This is the basic process of a worker’s compensation claim and the steps that should be taken after an injury. Legal professionals suggest being leary of fast settlements or pushy adjusters seeking a quick remedy. This could be a red flag and a tactic often used to get a victim to settle a claim that they otherwise could be awarded more money for.

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